17 Sep 2011

Ameba pico world

Hi guys. It was a long break. Here are some pictures of one game on facebook. Here is the link if you want to play

my girl! lol

Hope you like!!!!!

22 May 2011

Something funny

Something funny that made me laugh - not sims related. I hope you will like it too 


And if you want to watch more see the Pumkin Pie Tease

The family is getting bigger

 GOOD news guys Mia is pregnant again. Well the happy mummy gave a birth already and it’s a  baby girl. Her name is Lily. 

Now some more photos  
Miracle is teaching her little sister how to play xylophone 

 thanks I hope you like it 

20 May 2011

The Tranquils Family

I present you my family that I am playing  at the moment.  The family is called The Tranquils

Here is the mother . Her name is Mia.  She’s not working because she has to look after the baby.  She likes to play the piano and her favourite colour is turquoise.

Here is husband of Mia.  Lock. He is a TV actor and he is working in the movie career.  There’s not much to talk about him but his favourite colour is black and he likes pop music. 

Finally Miracle. She’s   the sunshine  of the  family . She ‘s  just like her mother. She  loves  to play music . She  has her mum ‘s  skin , but the  hair  she got after her dad . She’s  really  joyful  and  friendly .

That’s all from my family. I hope  you will like them!